Vegan Food Memphis

It may sound cliché, but we really are all about community at City Silo. It’s not just a talking point or catchy way to get you in the door; it’s just who we are. Owners Rebekah and Scott Tashie have been hanging out since grade school, way before most of us had ever heard of tempeh or #sustainability. Growing up in the South and being immersed in its storied hospitality, comfort is just in their bones. Which is what led them to City Silo and the development of their signature approach to conscious comfort food.

We believe there’s a happy medium between eating trendy, healthy food that doesn’t fill you up and heavy Southern, nap-inducing meals.

We aim to give our guests a large menu full of healthy and delicious offerings for any diet. At City Silo we want you to feel fueled, not full. Created with the intention of replicating familiar flavors and textures from our favorite dishes, our menu is designed to provide you with a healthy and fulfilling meal that will keep you out of a food coma. We just want you to eat good and feel good, and not just physically—emotionally as well.

Know that when you visit City Silo, you're supporting a business that walks the walk by fostering relationships with local farmers, using their products responsibly, providing customers with flavorful ingredients that are humanely and consciously raised, preparing food fresh, and disposing of everything with the least amount of impact possible. We care deeply for the Earth, so we follow strict guidelines for disposal. It all has to go somewhere, and we have to keep as much of it out of the landfill as possible through robust recycling and composting programs with our Earth-conscious neighbors in Memphis.

All that to say, come in, get some delicious nourishment, say hello to a friend or two, and help the earth while you’re at it. Heck, you can kick your feet up and stay a while if you’d like.

Memphis Vegetarian Food